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Empower Kids to Care About Teeth
St. Helens, OR

Mother and daughter brushing teethOral hygiene habits are best formed when you start empowering your child from an early age. You can only do so much as a parent to maintain their overall and oral hygiene by yourself. As a child grows up, they must get more autonomy over their daily habits which include flossing and brushing their teeth. However, this can come off as a challenge, and for that reason, our team at St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry is there to help you encourage your child to look after their teeth. As a parent, there are still some ways to instill oral hygiene habits in your child.

Brush Together

Children learn by observing. Therefore, brush with them when it is time to do so. Let them see the amount of toothpaste to use and then have them watch you brush your teeth. While they see you do it, also keep a check on whether they are applying it right or not. Very young children may require some assistance from you for the first few times before becoming entirely independent.

Make It Fun

It is no secret that children find the task of brushing their teeth very boring, even if it's for two minutes. Their attention span, in general, is very low compared to adults. It is only fair to make this activity fun for them. You can do so by making a habit of singing a song. You can find several fun songs related to brushing teeth online. Have them read books about it or read it to them yourself as they are a great way of highlighting the importance of brushing teeth.

Let Them Choose Their Brush

Children are particularly attracted to bright colors and characters. This is why many toothbrushes are customized to make it appealing to kids. Always make sure to bring your child along when shopping for toothbrushes and let them choose the one they like. This way, you would know that they are interested in the activity. They would also be more inclined towards it if they see that they have the freedom to choose.

Give Healthy Snacks

Your child's chewing action can prove to be fruitful for their teeth if their diet is filled with vegetables and fruits. This is because they are filled with essential minerals and vitamins, helping scrub their teeth better. Healthy snacks not only ensure their teeth's health but also stimulate better eating habits.

Ensure Dental Visits

Brushing and flossing are not the only acts that ensure good oral hygiene. They should be accompanied by healthy eating habits and scheduled visits to our dentist. Children need guidance from parents as well as professionals to know what is best for them. For that matter, we at St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry are trained with the knowledge and equipment to communicate with your child at their level.

Therefore, build your child's confidence and prompt them to ask questions when they visit us during their appointments. Your child's success in the long term depends significantly on how well they adapt certain habits now. So do not delay getting an appointment and call us now at (503) 396-4750.
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Empower Kids To Care About Teeth | St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry
Our team at St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry is there to help you encourage your child to look after their teeth. As a parent, there are still some ways to instill oral hygiene habits in your child.
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