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Encouraging Your Kids to Brush

Tips for parentsWe know that teaching your children to have good oral hygiene habits is stressful. Dr. Moore would like that make this easier, because teaching these habits is so important.

According to a study by Aquafresh, more than one million children under the age of five have two or more fillings, and we know that traditionally a majority of children will not reach adulthood without at least one cavity. Under the care of Dr. Moore, we can change that. Twenty-five percent of parents admit to their children brushing irregularly and visiting a dentist approximately every two years. The reason for this is that parents say getting their children to brush is extremely stressful and that visiting the dentist leaves them feeling judged and shamed. Some parent even said they are just plain embarrassed about the condition of their child's mouth. At St. Helens Pediatric Dentistry, we can help.

So, what tips can help make brushing easier for both the parents and children? We have assembled seven tips to help encourage your kids to brush and make brushing time not only easier for you, but even a little fun!
•  Start early: Make oral health care part of your child's life right from the very beginning. Before your babies teeth even emerge, wipe your babies gums with a clean soft cloth to not only clean but get your child used to tooth care. Continue with a cloth, not a brush, until several teeth have ascended.
•  Model Good Oral Hygiene: Have your children join you in the mornings or evenings, let them see how you brush and floss, and that it's important to you.
•  Don't Underestimate the Power of Fun: Children love having fun characters, colors, or glitter. The power of a toothpaste with a favorite tv character on the tube will be surprising. Let your child pick out the toothbrush, or maybe they will find a spinbrush to be fun. The more fun your child finds the supplies, the more likely they will do it.
Try establishing a silly song to sing while their teeth are being brushed, or as a prompt that it is tooth brushing time.
•  Choose the Right Toothpaste: There are many options to flavors of toothpaste. A child who does not like mint, may be willing to try bubblegum, or more. When your child enjoys the taste of their toothpaste they are more likely to brush.
•  Colored, Hand-Held Flossers: Teaching your children to floss can be difficult. We have found the flossing sticks to be fun, easy, and love that they can be used anywhere. A good tip is to hand your child a flossing stick while they are watching tv, they will naturally stick it in their mouth anyway.
•  Rewards Chart: Children are very motivated with stickers. Creating a reward chart with a small prize, like a trip to the park, or screen time, or some other non-sugar related reward will help your child remind you that they need to brush.
•  Educational Tools: There are many activity options. There are website with games designed to encourage toothbrushing, they can be found at Colgate Kid World and Mouth Healthy Kids. The library will have books about the importance of brushing their teeth, and you may even luck out by finding one with their favorite cartoon character. Search You Tube for videos on brushing, there are many. All of these sources will encourage brushing.

We want to help you, not judge you, in education and developing habits for caring for your children's teeth. For more information, contact William Moore, DMD, at our St. Helens, OR office. (503) 396-4750

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